Who are we?

Mina Transfer; It is a fashion design workshop that designs innovative, up-to-date patterns in the fashion sector and can prepare designs according to the wishes of its customers in its portfolio, and at the same time can produce these works in the most up-to-date production track.


Mina Transfer; realizes and presents your dream textile collections to you both in the field of design and in the field of production. You can easily access a unique collection with high quality and unique pieces, and you can have more.

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Mina Transfer's; fabrics are shiny, slippery, flexible and durable. Fabrics with a soft and silky texture do not crease easily and maintain their appearance and novelty for a long time. Printed & unprinted, dyed & undyed satin, chiffon, silk siphon, linen, viscose, voile, two threads, poplin etc. You can find many qualities in the fabric market of Mina Transfer.

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